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Budokai Martial Arts

1051 Ten Rod Road Unit 8 - North Kingstown, RI

The Way of the Warrior

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Our Mission

Loosely translated, Budokai means "the way of the warrior" and encompasses more than just fighting and fitness. It is a way of living life. Budokai literally translates into "the place of the way of the warrior" and is the foremost in martial arts and fitness in North Kingstown and its neighboring communities. We work toward the betterment of the entire person - physically, mentally, and emotionally - by honing and accentuating the strengths of each individual through diligent training and compassionate instruction. Most of all, we promote dignity and virtue, by never compromising the integrity of our arts and demanding our students strive to be better each day than they were the day before.

Our Programs

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Learn striking and movement while developing mental and physical fitness. Adult and children's classes available.

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Learn traditional Okinawan Matsubayashi Ryu Karate-Do and its practical applications. BMA offers classes for the whole family, ages 3 and up.

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MMA/Combat Sports

Train for and compete in your choice of a variety of different combat sport competitions. Recommended only for serious athletes and competitors. 

Fitness Programs

Offering multiple fitness options including our unique KarateBody Fitness Program, strength and conditioning, and more.

Our experience with Budokai has been fabulous! I have spread the word to a lot of people about Sensei Bobby's program as my daughter does karate with him. My sister and niece take Kickboxing class and they love it! Great workout!

Jammie Martin

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