Karate Body is an innovative fitness class that was developed by our head instructor, Sensei Bobby Benner. The idea behind it is that, for over two hundred years, the martial art of karate-do and its immediate predecessors have not only been considered fantastic for self defense, but when trained properly have also yielded historically monumental physical fitness benefits as well. The curriculum of this class is constructed of warm ups, stretching for flexibility and recovery, body weight strength movements, training for cardiovascular endurance, and a meditational cool down - all using moves and variants from the karate curriculum we teach every day. This class is perfect for anyone looking to try something new for fitness, someone who trains in karate and wants to further develop strength and energy for it, and for people who are interested in learning karate as a martial art, but may be hesitant about the contact karate involves or having to memorize too many steps. As a member of KarateBody premium, gain access to cardio and strength and conditioning training as supplements to KarateBody Fitness.




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🔥Intensity - level of difficulty you can expect from the program. Higher intensity means higher heart rates, tougher breathing, and more sweat.

👊Impact - level of stress the program will put on your  muscles, joints, and cardiopulmonary system. Higher impact means better results but also higher risk of injury if you aren't careful. 

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